int vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_int_sync ( XmlRpcMethodResponse response,
XmlRpcResponseStatus status,
VortexChannel channel,
int *  fault_code,
char **  fault_string 

Gets the integer value from the XmlRpcMethodResponse, setting the fault code and the fault string, releasing the XmlRpcMethodResponse passed in.

responseThe XmlRpcMethodResponse to unmarshall.
statusA reference to a XmlRpcResponseStatus to return value stored in the method response.
channelThe channel where the XML-RPC message was received.
fault_codeThe fault code reference to fill up the reference if an error is found.
fault_stringThe fault string reference to fill up if an error is found. If the fault string variable is defined (on error status: status != XML_RPC_OK) , it must be deallocated after using it.
Returns the value store inside the method response (XmlRpcMethodResponse).

References method_response_free, and method_value_get_as_int.