axlPointer vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_array_sync ( XmlRpcMethodResponse response,
XmlRpcArrayUnMarshaller  unmarshaller,
XmlRpcResponseStatus status,
VortexChannel channel,
int *  fault_code,
char **  fault_string 

Gets the array value from the XmlRpcMethodResponse, setting the fault code and the fault string, releasing the XmlRpcMethodResponse passed in.

The function will use the provided unmarshaller function to generate a higher level structure result. This handler is optional. In the case it is not provided, a reference to a XmlRpcArray will be returned.

This unmarshaller function is mainly used by the xml-rpc-gen tool to create a C client stub that is more suitable for the common use (rather interfacing with XmlRpcStruct).

responseThe XmlRpcMethodResponse to unmarshall.
unmarshallerUser space, higher level unmarshaller function.
channelThe channel where the XML-RPC message was received.
statusA reference to a XmlRpcResponseStatus to return value stored in the method response.
fault_codeThe fault code reference to fill up the reference if an error is found.
fault_stringThe fault string reference to fill up if an error is found. If the fault string variable is defined (on error status: status != XML_RPC_OK) , it must be deallocated after using it.
Returns the value store inside the method response (XmlRpcMethodResponse).

References method_response_free, and method_value_get_as_array.