VortexXmlRpcState vortex_xml_rpc_channel_status ( VortexChannel channel)

Allows to get current XML-RPC channel boot status for the given channel.

According to the XML-RPC: there are two states in the BEEP profile for XML-RPC, "boot", the profile's initial state, and "ready".

On the "boot" state the channel have been successfully created under the semantic of the XML-RPC profile but not it isn't still booted under some resource.

On the "ready" state the channel is ready to perform XML-RPC requests because both peers agree about resource being accessed.

channelThe channel to get XML-RPC channel status.
Current channel status.

References vortex_channel_get_ctx(), vortex_channel_get_data(), vortex_channel_is_running_profile(), VORTEX_XML_RPC_PROFILE, XML_RPC_BOOT_STATE, XmlRpcStateBoot, XmlRpcStateReady, and XmlRpcStateUnknown.

Referenced by vortex_xml_rpc_invoke().