VortexChannel * vortex_xml_rpc_channel_pool_get_next ( VortexConnection connection,
axl_bool  auto_inc,
int  pool_id 

Allows to get next channel ready on the channel pool created on the connection provided.

Because there could be several channel pools created on the connection, the function also accept receiving the pool_id to be used to locate the channel pool. Under situations where only one channel pool is created on the provided connection, you can safely set pool_id to -1.

The auto_inc parameters is passed directly to the vortex_channel_pool_get_next_ready_full function and acts as a signal to make the channel pool to automatically resize its pool, creating more channels, if the current pool doesn't have any ready to use channel.

Once you have finished with the channel returned by this function, you must call to vortex_channel_pool_release_channel.

NOTE: The function will use as values for new channels created for resourceName and serverName the one provided at the vortex_xml_rpc_create_channel_pool.

connectionThe connection where the channels will be created.
auto_incCreates more channels if no channel is ready when the function is called.
pool_idThe pool_id to use to get the next channel or 1 if the function must use the default channel pool.
A newly allocated channel, already included in the pool or NULL if it fails.

References vortex_channel_pool_get_id(), vortex_channel_pool_get_next_ready_full(), vortex_connection_get_channel_pool(), and vortex_connection_get_data().