Vortex Channel: Related function to create and manage Vortex Channels.


axl_bool vortex_channel_are_equal (VortexChannel *channelA, VortexChannel *channelB)
 Allows to check if both references provided points to the same channel (VortexChannel).
axl_bool vortex_channel_block_until_replies_are_sent (VortexChannel *channel, long int microseconds_to_wait)
 Block the caller until all pending replies are sent for the channel provided.
axl_bool vortex_channel_close (VortexChannel *channel, VortexOnClosedNotification on_closed)
 Close the given channel.
axl_bool vortex_channel_close_full (VortexChannel *channel, VortexOnClosedNotificationFull on_closed, axlPointer user_data)
 Close the given channel, allowing to provide a user defined pointer to be passed to the callback.
WaitReplyDatavortex_channel_create_wait_reply ()
 Creates a new wait reply to be used to wait for a specific reply.
void vortex_channel_defer_start (VortexChannel *channel)
 Allows to configure the channel provided to defer its reply for an incoming start channel request received.
void vortex_channel_delete_data (VortexChannel *channel, axlPointer key)
 Allows to remove data associated to the channel via vortex_channel_set_data_full without calling to defined destroy functions.
axl_bool vortex_channel_finalize_ans_rpy (VortexChannel *channel, int msg_no_rpy)
 Allows to finalize the series of ANS reply already sent with a NUL reply.
void vortex_channel_flag_reply_processed (VortexChannel *channel, axl_bool flag)
 Allows to flag that the channel have processed its last reply.
void vortex_channel_free (VortexChannel *channel)
 free channel allocated resources.
void vortex_channel_free_wait_reply (WaitReplyData *wait_reply)
 Terminates allocated memory by wait reply data.
int vortex_channel_get_automatic_mime (VortexChannel *channel)
 Allows to get current automatic MIME header handling associated to the channel provided.
VortexConnectionvortex_channel_get_connection (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns actual channel session (or Vortex Connection).
axlPointer vortex_channel_get_data (VortexChannel *channel, axlPointer key)
 Returns the value indexed by the given key inside the given channel.
int vortex_channel_get_last_msg_no_received (VortexChannel *channel)
 Allows to get latest message number received on the provided channel.
const char * vortex_channel_get_mime_type (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns current mime type used for messages exchange perform on the given channel.
unsigned int vortex_channel_get_next_ans_no (VortexChannel *channel)
 Gets next ansno number to be used for the next message to be sent.
unsigned int vortex_channel_get_next_expected_ans_no (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns the next expected ansno number message to be received.
int vortex_channel_get_next_expected_reply_no (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns the next channel MSG no that is expected to be received on this channel.
unsigned int vortex_channel_get_next_expected_seq_no (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns actual seq no expected to be received on this channel.
int vortex_channel_get_next_frame_size (VortexChannel *channel, unsigned int next_seq_no, int message_size, unsigned int max_seq_no)
 Gets the amount of data to be copied from the pending message into the frame about being fragmented or built.
int vortex_channel_get_next_msg_no (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns the next message number to be used on this channel.
int vortex_channel_get_next_reply_no (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns actual reply number to be used.
unsigned int vortex_channel_get_next_seq_no (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns next sequence number to be used.
int vortex_channel_get_number (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns the channel number for selected channel.
VortexFramevortex_channel_get_piggyback (VortexChannel *channel)
 Allows to get initial piggyback received on the channel start reply.
VortexChannelPoolvortex_channel_get_pool (VortexChannel *channel)
 Allows to get channel pool associated to the channel provided.
const char * vortex_channel_get_profile (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns the current profile the channel is running.
VortexFramevortex_channel_get_reply (VortexChannel *channel, VortexAsyncQueue *queue)
 Allows to get the next frame received on the given channel due to channel start reply piggybacking or due to a frame received while using the function vortex_channel_queue_reply as a frame received handler.
const char * vortex_channel_get_transfer_encoding (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns current content transfer encoding used for messages exchange perform on the given channel.
int vortex_channel_get_window_size (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns actual channel window size.
axl_bool vortex_channel_have_complete_flag (VortexChannel *channel)
 Allows to get actual complete flag status for the given channel.
axl_bool vortex_channel_have_piggyback (VortexChannel *channel)
 Allows to check if the given channel have piggyback waiting to be processed.
axl_bool vortex_channel_is_being_closed (VortexChannel *channel)
 Return if a channel is on the process of being closed.
axl_bool vortex_channel_is_defined_close_handler (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns if the given channel have defined its close handler.
axl_bool vortex_channel_is_defined_received_handler (VortexChannel *channel)
 Return whenever the received handler have been defined for this channel.
axl_bool vortex_channel_is_empty_pending_message (VortexChannel *channel)
 Allows to check if the provided channel has pending channels to be sent (they are queued due to performance reasons like remote window exhausted).
axl_bool vortex_channel_is_opened (VortexChannel *channel)
 Return channel opened state.
axl_bool vortex_channel_is_ready (VortexChannel *channel)
 Returns the actual state for a given channel about pending replies to be received (not pending replies to be sent).
axl_bool vortex_channel_is_running_profile (VortexChannel *channel, const char *profile)
 Allows to check if the given channel is running a particular profile.
VortexChannelvortex_channel_new (VortexConnection *connection, int channel_num, const char *profile, VortexOnCloseChannel close, axlPointer close_user_data, VortexOnFrameReceived received, axlPointer received_user_data, VortexOnChannelCreated on_channel_created, axlPointer user_data)
 Creates a new channel over the given connection.
VortexChannelvortex_channel_new_full (VortexConnection *connection, int channel_num, const char *serverName, const char *profile, VortexEncoding encoding, const char *profile_content, int profile_content_size, VortexOnCloseChannel close, axlPointer close_user_data, VortexOnFrameReceived received, axlPointer received_user_data, VortexOnChannelCreated on_channel_created, axlPointer user_data)
 Extended version for vortex_channel_new, supporting all options available while creating new channels.
VortexChannelvortex_channel_new_fullv (VortexConnection *connection, int channel_num, const char *serverName, const char *profile, VortexEncoding encoding, VortexOnCloseChannel close, axlPointer close_user_data, VortexOnFrameReceived received, axlPointer received_user_data, VortexOnChannelCreated on_channel_created, axlPointer user_data, const char *profile_content_format,...)
 Allows to create a new channel using all possible option and making possible to define profile content using a printf-like syntax.
void vortex_channel_notify_close (VortexChannel *channel, int msg_no, axl_bool close)
 Allows to notify the channel close after receiving the close notification request.
axl_bool vortex_channel_notify_start (VortexChannel *new_channel, const char *profile_content_reply, axl_bool action)
 Allows to perform a notification for a channel start that was deferred.
void vortex_channel_queue_reply (VortexChannel *channel, VortexConnection *connection, VortexFrame *frame, axlPointer user_data)
 Support function that could be used as a frame received function which queue all frames received inside a VortexAsyncQueue.
axl_bool vortex_channel_ref (VortexChannel *channel)
 Allows to increase reference counting for the provided channel.
int vortex_channel_ref_count (VortexChannel *channel)
 Allows to get current reference counting for the channel provided.
axl_bool vortex_channel_send_ans_rpy (VortexChannel *channel, const void *message, size_t message_size, int msg_no_rpy)
 Allows to perform an ANS/NUL reply to a given MSG frame received.
axl_bool vortex_channel_send_ans_rpyv (VortexChannel *channel, int msg_no_rpy, const char *format,...)
 Allows to send ANS message reply using stdargs argument.
axl_bool vortex_channel_send_err (VortexChannel *channel, const void *message, size_t message_size, int msg_no_rpy)
 Allows to reply a message using ERR message type.
axl_bool vortex_channel_send_errv (VortexChannel *channel, int msg_no_err, const char *format,...)
 Printf-like version for vortex_channel_send_err.
axl_bool vortex_channel_send_msg (VortexChannel *channel, const void *message, size_t message_size, int *msg_no)
 Sends the message over the selected channel.
axl_bool vortex_channel_send_msg_and_wait (VortexChannel *channel, const void *message, size_t message_size, int *msg_no, WaitReplyData *wait_reply)
 Allows to send a message and start a wait reply.
axl_bool vortex_channel_send_msg_and_waitv (VortexChannel *channel, int *msg_no, WaitReplyData *wait_reply, const char *format,...)
 Printf-like version for the vortex_channel_send_msg_and_wait function.
axl_bool vortex_channel_send_msgv (VortexChannel *channel, int *msg_no, const char *format,...)
 Allows to send message using a printf-like format.
axl_bool vortex_channel_send_rpy (VortexChannel *channel, const void *message, size_t message_size, int msg_no_rpy)
 Allows to send a message reply using RPY type.
axl_bool vortex_channel_send_rpyv (VortexChannel *channel, int msg_no_rpy, const char *format,...)
 printf-like version for vortex_channel_send_rpy function.
void vortex_channel_set_automatic_mime (VortexChannel *channel, int value)
 Allows to configure automatic MIME header addition handling at channel level (only the channel is affected).
void vortex_channel_set_close_handler (VortexChannel *channel, VortexOnCloseChannel close, axlPointer user_data)
 Allows to set close channel handler for the given channel.
void vortex_channel_set_close_notify_handler (VortexChannel *channel, VortexOnNotifyCloseChannel close_notify, axlPointer user_data)
 Allows to configure the close notify handler on the provided channel.
void vortex_channel_set_closed_handler (VortexChannel *channel, VortexOnClosedChannel closed, axlPointer user_data)
 Allows to configure the closed handler: a notification that the channel is about to be removed from the connection.
void vortex_channel_set_complete_flag (VortexChannel *channel, axl_bool value)
 Allows to set complete frames flag.
void vortex_channel_set_data (VortexChannel *channel, axlPointer key, axlPointer value)
 Allows to store a pair key/value associated to the channel.
void vortex_channel_set_data_full (VortexChannel *channel, axlPointer key, axlPointer value, axlDestroyFunc key_destroy, axlDestroyFunc value_destroy)
 Allows to store a pair key/value associated to the channel, with optional destroy handlers.
VortexChannelFrameSize vortex_channel_set_next_frame_size_handler (VortexChannel *channel, VortexChannelFrameSize next_frame_size, axlPointer user_data)
 Allows to configure the VortexChannelFrameSize handler to be used by the sequencer to decide how many data is used into each frame produced (outstanding frames).
void vortex_channel_set_received_handler (VortexChannel *channel, VortexOnFrameReceived received, axlPointer user_data)
 Allows to set the frame received handler.
void vortex_channel_set_serialize (VortexChannel *channel, axl_bool serialize)
 Allows to serialize all messages/replies (MSG, ERR, RPY, ANS/NUL) received on a particular channel, by checking that previous messages/replies were delivered, avoiding thread race conditions.
void vortex_channel_set_window_size (VortexChannel *channel, int desired_size)
 Allows the caller to change the channel window size.
void vortex_channel_unref (VortexChannel *channel)
 Decrease in one unit the reference count for the channel provided.
axl_bool vortex_channel_validate_err (VortexFrame *frame, char **code, char **msg)
 Validates err message received from remote peer.
VortexFramevortex_channel_wait_reply (VortexChannel *channel, int msg_no, WaitReplyData *wait_reply)
 Allows caller to wait for a particular reply to be received.
void vortex_channel_wait_reply_ref (WaitReplyData *wait_reply)
 Allows to increase wait reply ref count.