VortexFrame* vortex_channel_wait_reply ( VortexChannel channel,
int  msg_no,
WaitReplyData wait_reply 

Allows caller to wait for a particular reply to be received.

Check this section to know more about how using this function inside the Wait Reply Method.

Keep in mind that this function could return a NULL frame while performing a wait. This timeout is configured through the following functions:

channel The channel where Wait Reply is done. This value is not optional and should be a valid channel. This function will check if the reference provided is not NULL.
msg_no The message number we are waiting to be replied. This value is not optional and should be greater than 0. (Deprecated value, no longer used, keept for historic and backward compact).
wait_reply The wait reply object used. A valid wait reply object created by vortex_channel_create_wait_reply. This function will check if the provided value is not NULL.
The frame reply or NULL if a timeout occurs, having all parameters well specified, or there was a parameter error detected.
NOTE: In the case the function returns a valid frame, your application must terminate it by using vortex_frame_unref. The reference to the wait_reply object is also terminated (with vortex_channel_free_wait_reply) in the case a valid frame is returned.

NOTE 2: You cannot use the same WaitReplyData for several wait operations. You must create a new one WaitReplyData object for each call done to this function (vortex_channel_wait_reply).