axl_bool vortex_channel_send_msg_and_wait ( VortexChannel channel,
const void *  message,
size_t  message_size,
int *  msg_no,
WaitReplyData wait_reply 

Allows to send a message and start a wait reply.

This is especial case of vortex_channel_send_msg. This function is mainly used to be able to make a synchronous reply waiting for the message this function is going to sent.

Because in some cases the thread sending the message can run faster, or simply the thread planner have chosen to give greeter priority, than the thread that actually perform the wait, this function allows to avoid this race condition.

Application designer which are planning to call vortex_channel_wait_reply should use this function to send message.

You can also read more about Wait Reply Method here.

channel the channel where message will be sent.
message the message to be sent.
message_size the message size to be sent.
msg_no a required integer reference to store the message number used
wait_reply a Wait Reply object created using vortex_channel_create_wait_reply
the same as vortex_channel_send_msg
NOTE: See MIME considerations described at vortex_channel_send_msg which also applies to this function.