axl_bool vortex_connection_is_ok ( VortexConnection connection,
axl_bool  free_on_fail 

Allows to get current connection status.

This function will allow you to check if your vortex connection is actually connected. You must use this function before calling vortex_connection_new to check what have actually happen.

You can also use vortex_connection_get_message to check the message returned by the vortex layer. This may be useful on connection errors. The free_on_fail parameter can be use to free vortex connection resources if this vortex connection is not connected. This operation will be done by using vortex_connection_close.

connection the connection to get current status.
free_on_fail if axl_true the connection will be closed using vortex_connection_close on not connected status.
current connection status for the given connection