axlList * vortex_connection_get_remote_profiles ( VortexConnection connection  ) 

Returns the remote peer supported profiles.

When a Vortex connection is opened, remote server sends a list of BEEP supported profiles.

This is necessary to be able to create new channels. The profile selected for the channel to be created must be supported for both sides.

This function allows to get remote peer supported profiles. This can be helpful to avoid connection to a remote BEEP peers that actually doesn't support your profile.

You must free the returned axlList. As a example, you can use this function as follows:

 axlList * profiles = NULL;
 int      iterator = 0;

 // get a list of profiles supported
 profiles = vortex_connection_get_remote_profiles (connection);
 printf ("profiles for this peer: %d\n", axl_list_length (profiles));

 // for each item do
 while (iterator < axl_list_length (profiles)) {
     // show a message 
     printf ("  %d) %s\n", iterator, (char *) axl_list_get_nth (profiles, iterator));

     // update iterator 

 } // end while 
 // free the list when no longer needed
 axl_list_free (profiles);

connection the connection to get remote peer profiles.
An axlList containing each element a uri identifying a remote peer profile. Free the list returned with axl_list_free.