axl_bool vortex_frame_get_more_flag ( VortexFrame frame  ) 

Returns actual more flag status for the given frame.

Returns actual frame more flag status. If more flag is activated 1 will be returned. In case of been deactivated 0 will be returned.

frame The frame where the more flag value is requested.
Return value: the actual more flag status or -1 if fails. 1 have activated (*), 0 deactivated (.).

NOTE: To properly use this function you must use the following to check if frame flag is activated:

 if (vortex_frame_get_more_flag (frame) > 0) {
    // some handling 

This is because the function could return -1 causing the following code to also report that the frame have the more flag activated:

 if (vortex_frame_get_more_flag (frame)) {
    // some handling (WRONG: frame might be NULL)