VortexFrame * vortex_frame_create_full_ref ( VortexFrameType  type,
int  channel,
int  msgno,
axl_bool  more,
unsigned int  seqno,
int  size,
int  ansno,
const char *  content_type,
const char *  transfer_encoding,
void *  payload 

Creates a new frame as vortex_frame_create but also allowing to specify mime header content, that is, Content-Type and Content-Transfer-Encoding values.

The frame created will "own" the reference to the payload provided, without allocating memory for a new one. This function is useful to reuse the memory associated to the payload provided.

This function works like vortex_frame_create function but allowing to specify every parameter used (possible) for a frame.

The function also performs a local copy for the content type ("Content-Type:" ) value and the transfer encoding ("Content-Transfer-Encoding:" ) value provided.

type The frame type to build.
channel The channel number the frame have.
msgno The message number the frame have.
more More flag configuration for the frame.
seqno The sequence number for the frame to build.
size The frame payload size.
ansno The answer number the frame have.
content_type The MIME Content-Type value to be used for this frame. Optional value.
transfer_encoding The MIME Content-Transfer-Encoding value to be used for this frame. Optional value.
payload The payload the frame hold. Vortex takes ownership of this!
A newly created VortexFrame object that must be unrefered using vortex_frame_free when no longer needed.