void vortex_frame_set_mime_header ( VortexFrame frame,
const char *  mime_header,
const char *  mime_header_content 

Allows to configure a new MIME header on the provided VortexFrame reference.

frame The frame that is going to be configured with a new MIME header. If the MIME header provided is already found, it will be overwritten.
mime_header The mime header to configure. Use the following macros for recognized MIME headers: MIME_VERSION, MIME_CONTENT_TYPE, MIME_CONTENT_TRANSFER_ENCODING. See vortex_frame_get_mime_header for a full list. In the case a NULL parameter is received, it is considered as a request to remove the header (only the first reference is removed).
mime_header_content The mime header content to be configured. The function will copy the content provided. The function fail if mime_header or frame parameter are null.
NOTE:MIME (RFC 2045) allows to store some headers several times. Because BEEP only requires to support MIME structure, it must support storing several MIME header declarations (with same header name). .