char * vortex_frame_build_up_from_params ( VortexFrameType  type,
int  channel,
int  msgno,
axl_bool  more,
unsigned int  seqno,
int  size,
int  ansno,
const void *  payload 

Builds a frame using the given parameters.

This function should not be useful for Vortex Library consumer because all frames received and sent are actually builded by Vortex Library.

If you need to get the size of the frame returned at the same time it is built, you should call to vortex_frame_build_up_from_params_s. This function implements the same operation like this function but also returning the frame size.

NOTE: This function is considered to be deprecated because there is no accurate way to get current size for the frame returned.

Using binary protocols that includes 0x0 as a valid value for its charset could make to produce buggy results from using functions such strlen to calculate current frame size returned. This is because this functions looks for the next 0x0 value found on the string to delimit it, but, as stated before this value couldn't be the last value. It is preferred to use vortex_frame_build_up_from_params_s.

type Frame type.
channel The channel number for the frame.
msgno The message number for the frame.
more More flag status for the frame.
seqno Sequence number for the frame
size The frame payload size.
ansno The answer number for the frame
payload The payload is going to have the frame.
A newly created frame that should be freed using axl_free