Vortex IO: Vortex Library IO abstraction layer


VortexIoWaitingType vortex_io_waiting_get_current ()
 Allows to check current I/O waiting mechanism being used.
void vortex_io_waiting_invoke_dispatch (axlPointer fd_group, VortexIoDispatchFunc func, int changed, axlPointer user_data)
 Performs automatic dispath, over all activated resources, invoking the provided handler.
axl_bool vortex_io_waiting_invoke_have_dispatch (axlPointer fd_group)
 Allows to check if the current I/O mechanism have automatic dispatch support, that is, the I/O mechanism takes care about invoking the appropiate function if the socket is activated for the registered purpose.
axl_bool vortex_io_waiting_is_available (VortexIoWaitingType type)
 Allows to check if a particular mechanism is available to be installed.
void vortex_io_waiting_set_add_to_fd_group (VortexIoAddToFdGroup add_to)
 Allows to configure the add socket to fd set operation.
void vortex_io_waiting_set_clear_fd_group (VortexIoClearFdGroup clear)
 Allows to configure the clear handler to be executed while it is required to clear a descriptor set.
void vortex_io_waiting_set_create_fd_group (VortexIoCreateFdGroup create)
 Allows to set current handler that allows to create a fd group that will be used by Vortex internals to perform IO blocking.
void vortex_io_waiting_set_destroy_fd_group (VortexIoDestroyFdGroup destroy)
 Allows to define the destroy method to be used on the fd_set allocated by calling current configured create handler.
void vortex_io_waiting_set_dispatch (VortexIoDispatch dispatch)
 Allows to configure the dispatch function to be used for the automatic dispatch function.
void vortex_io_waiting_set_have_dispatch (VortexIoHaveDispatch have_dispatch)
 Allows to configure the "have dispatch" function.
void vortex_io_waiting_set_is_set_fd_group (VortexIoIsSetFdGroup is_set)
 Allows to configure the is set operation for the socket on the fd set.
void vortex_io_waiting_set_wait_on_fd_group (VortexIoWaitOnFdGroup wait_on)
 Allows to configure the wait on fd group handler.
axl_bool vortex_io_waiting_use (VortexIoWaitingType type)
 poll(2) system call implementation.