VortexConnection * vortex_listener_new_full ( const char *  host,
const char *  port,
VortexListenerReadyFull  on_ready_full,
axlPointer  user_data 

Creates a new listener, allowing to get the connection that represents the listener created with the optional handler (VortexListenerReadyFull).

This function provides the same functionality than vortex_listener_new and vortex_listener_new2 but allowing to get the connection (VortexConnection) representing the listener, by configuring the optional handler on_ready_full (VortexListenerReadyFull).

If your intention isn't getting a reference to the connection created, you can safely use vortex_listener_new and vortex_listener_new2.

host The host to listen to.
port The port to listen to.
on_ready_full A optional notify callback to get when vortex listener is ready to perform replies.
user_data A user defined pointer to be passed in to on_ready handler.
The listener connection created, or NULL if the optional handler is provided (on_ready).
NOTE: the reference returned is only owned by the vortex engine. This is not the case of vortex_connection_new where the caller acquires automatically a reference to the connection (as well as the vortex engine).

In this case, if your intention is to keep a reference for later operations, you must call to vortex_connection_ref to avoid losing the reference if the system drops the connection. In the same direction, you can't call to vortex_connection_close if you don't own the reference returned by this function.

To close immediately a listener you can use vortex_connection_shutdown.