void vortex_profiles_set_automatic_mime ( const char *  uri,
int  value 

Allows to configure automatic MIME header addition handling at profile level.

See 4.2 Using MIME configuration for data exchanged under Vortex Library for a long explanation. In sort, this function allows to configure if MIME headers should be added or not automatically on each message sent using the family of functions vortex_channel_send_*.

The function allows to configure at profile level automatic MIME handling associated to the profile. This configuration will override configuration provided at vortex_conf_set and VORTEX_AUTOMATIC_MIME_HANDLING.

Use the following values for "value":

  • 1: Enable automatic MIME handling for messages send under the profile provided, making the configuration process to not check next levels.

  • 0: Makes automatic MIME handling configuration at profile level to have no signification, making the configuration process to check next levels.

  • 2: Disable automatic MIME handling, making the configuration process to not check next levels.

uri The uri profile to be configured.
value The value to be configured.