Vortex Queue: thread safe queue definition based used across Vortex Library


void vortex_queue_free (VortexQueue *queue)
 Frees the VortexQueue.
unsigned int vortex_queue_get_length (VortexQueue *queue)
 Returns how many items the given queue have.
axl_bool vortex_queue_head_push (VortexQueue *queue, axlPointer data)
 Queues new data inside the given queue at the header, that is, at the very next to be popped.
axl_bool vortex_queue_is_empty (VortexQueue *queue)
 Returns if the given queue is empty.
VortexQueuevortex_queue_new ()
 Creates a new VortexQueue object.
axlPointer vortex_queue_peek (VortexQueue *queue)
 Returns a reference without popping the item from the queue.
axlPointer vortex_queue_pop (VortexQueue *queue)
 Extracts queue data from its header.
axl_bool vortex_queue_push (VortexQueue *queue, axlPointer data)
 Queues new data inside the given queue.