char * vortex_sasl_auth_method_used ( VortexConnection connection  ) 

Allows to get SASL method used to authenticate the connection.

This function could be used, once used vortex_sasl_is_authenticated, to get the method that was used to authenticate the connection. In environments where several methods are provided, this function is useful to get the security level the user has negotiated.

connection The connection that has been authenticated.
The SASL method used, represented by an string or NULL if the connection wasn't authenticated. String reference returned must not be deallocated. Values returned are the one represented by VORTEX_SASL_ANONYMOUS, VORTEX_SASL_EXTERNAL, VORTEX_SASL_PLAIN, VORTEX_SASL_CRAM_MD5, VORTEX_SASL_DIGEST_MD5, VORTEX_SASL_GSSAPI.