axl_bool vortex_sasl_accept_negotiation_full ( const char *  mech,
axlPointer  user_data 

Allows to configure current Vortex Library process to accept incoming SASL negotiations.

This function allows to activate the SASL profile support selected and to provide a handler that will be executed once received an authentication request. There are two functions to activate SASL profile support: this one and the previous API: vortex_sasl_accept_negotiation.

Both works the same way but this one is able to pass the user data configured to the SASL auth handler once it is executed. Allowed value for mech are:

See Using SASL at server side for a detailed explanation about SASL support inside Vortex for the server side.

mech The SASL mech to be accepted from remote BEEP peers.
user_data User-defined pointer to be passed to SASL callbacks.
axl_true the mechanism was enabled to be accepted.