Vortex Support: Support function used across the library


enum  VortexFileTest { FILE_EXISTS = 1 << 0, FILE_IS_LINK = 1 << 1, FILE_IS_DIR = 1 << 2, FILE_IS_REGULAR = 1 << 3 }
 Available tests to be performed while using vortex_support_file_test. More...


void vortex_support_add_domain_search_path (const char *domain, const char *path)
 Allows to define a new search path, providing the domain that will apply.
void vortex_support_add_domain_search_path_ref (char *domain, char *path)
 Allows to define a new search path, providing the domain that will apply, providing the values already allocated.
void vortex_support_add_search_path (const char *path)
 Allows to add new search path to be used by vortex_support_find_data_file.
void vortex_support_add_search_path_ref (char *path)
 Adds a new path to be used while looking for files without making a local copy.
char * vortex_support_build_filename (const char *name,...)
 Allows to create a path to a filename, by providing its tokens, ending them with NULL.
void vortex_support_cleanup (VortexCtx *ctx)
 Allows to cleanup the vortex support module state from the provided VortexCtx object.
char * vortex_support_domain_find_data_file (const char *domain, const char *name)
 Perform a file lookup, providing a domain at the file to lookup, using current search path configuration for the domain.
axl_bool vortex_support_file_test (const char *path, VortexFileTest test)
 Allows to perform a set of test for the provided path.
char * vortex_support_find_data_file (const char *name)
 Allows to lookup for a file into the known vortex data file locations.
void vortex_support_free (int params,...)
 Allows to perform several memory dispose operations at the same time.
int vortex_support_getenv_int (const char *env_name)
 Allows to get the integer value stored in the provided environment varible.
char * vortex_support_inet_ntoa (VortexCtx *ctx, struct sockaddr_in *sin)
 Thread safe implementation for inet_ntoa.
void vortex_support_init (VortexCtx *ctx)
 Inits the vortex support module using the context provided (VortexCtx).
axl_bool vortex_support_setenv (const char *env_name, const char *env_value)
 Allows to configure the environment value identified by env_name, with the value provided env_value.
double vortex_support_strtod (const char *param, char **string_aux)
 Tries to translate the double provided on the string received, doing the best effort (meaning that the locale will be skiped).
axl_bool vortex_support_unsetenv (const char *env_name)
 Allows to unset the provided environment variable.
int vortex_timeval_substract (struct timeval *a, struct timeval *b, struct timeval *result)
 Performs a timeval substract leaving the result in (result).