Vortex Thread Pool: Pool of threads which runns user defined async notifications.


int vortex_thread_pool_get_num ()
 Returns how many threads have the given VortexThreadPool.
int vortex_thread_pool_get_running_threads ()
 Returns the running threads the given pool have.
void vortex_thread_pool_init (int max_threads)
 Init the Vortex Thread Pool subsystem.
void vortex_thread_pool_new_task (VortexThreadFunc func, axlPointer data)
 Queue a new task inside the VortexThreadPool.
void vortex_thread_pool_set_exclusive_pool (axl_bool value)
 Allows to configure current configuration for threads inside the thread pool created.
void vortex_thread_pool_set_num (int number)
 Allows to configure the number of threads inside the Vortex Thread Pool module.