void vortex_tls_set_default_ctx_creation ( VortexTlsCtxCreation  ctx_creation,
axlPointer  user_data 

Allows to configure the default SSL context creation function to be called, once the TLS process is activated, and it is required an SSL_CTX object.

See VortexTlsCtxCreation for more information.

If you want to configure a per-connection handler to be called for all connections, you can use the following handler: vortex_tls_set_ctx_creation.

NOTE: Using this function for the server side, will disable the following handlers, (provided at the vortex_tls_accept_negotiation):

This is because providing a function to create the SSL context (SSL_CTX) assumes the application layer on top of Vortex Library takes control over the SSL configuration process. This ensures Vortex Library will not do any additional configure operation once create the SSL context (SSL_CTX).

ctx_creation The handler to be called once required a SSL_CTX object.
user_data User defined data, that is passed to the handler provided (ctx_creation).