Vortex Tunnel: TUNNEL profile support, general application layer proxy for BEEP


#define TUNNEL_PROFILE   "http://iana.org/beep/TUNNEL"
 Uri reference to the BEEP TUNNEL profile identifier.


axl_bool vortex_tunnel_accept_negotiation (VortexOnAcceptedConnection accept_tunnel, axlPointer accept_tunnel_data)
 Activates the required support to accept incoming TUNNEL requests, an application level request to tunnel a BEEP connection.
axl_bool vortex_tunnel_is_enabled (void)
 Allows to check if the current library built have support for TUNNEL profile, the general application proxy support for BEEP.
VortexConnectionvortex_tunnel_new (VortexTunnelSettings *settings, VortexConnectionNew on_connected, axlPointer user_data)
 Creates a new BEEP session to the remote endpoint, using the information provided by the tunnel setting (VortexTunnelSettings).
void vortex_tunnel_set_resolver (VortexTunnelLocationResolver resolver, axlPointer resolver_data)
 Allows to configure a tunnel settings run-time host location resolver handler which is called to translate tunnel settings into the desired values.
void vortex_tunnel_settings_add_hop (VortexTunnelSettings *settings,...)
 Allows to configure a new hop to be added to the current proxy configuration.
void vortex_tunnel_settings_free (VortexTunnelSettings *settings)
 Deallocates memory used by the settings created by vortex_tunnel_settings_new.
VortexTunnelSettingsvortex_tunnel_settings_new ()
 Allows to create a new tunnel setting, a proxy configuration for any BEEP session to be created (VortexConnection).
VortexTunnelSettingsvortex_tunnel_settings_new_from_xml (char *content, int size)
 Allows to create a new BEEP proxy connection setting from the content provided, that must be an xml meating the RFC3620 description.