void vortex_tunnel_settings_add_hop ( VortexTunnelSettings settings,

Allows to configure a new hop to be added to the current proxy configuration.

The hop added, will be appended to the current configuration:

  [new hop] -> [next hop] -> [next hop]

You can configure one proxy to act as the first (and the only one) hop for all you connections, or you can configure a serie of hops.

The hop configuration provided will be a combination of the following items:

  • TUNNEL_URI : the uri for the set of channels to be created, that is, a remote end point BEEP peer that supports this profile. This is only allowed at the but only on the innermost element, that is, the last hop to be traversed.

  • TUNNEL_ENDPOINT : a user defined string, provisioned at the last proxy to be traversed, configuring a particular service to be reached. Again, this is only allowed in the last hop used for a proxy setting.

The function must receive a set of VortexTunnelItem followed by its associated value, terminated with a TUNNEL_END_CONF.

For example:

 VortexTunnelSettings * settings;
 // create the settings 
 settings = vortex_tunnel_settings_new ();

 // configure the default proxy 
 vortex_tunnel_settings_add_hop (settings, 
                                 TUNNEL_IP4, "", 
                                 TUNNEL_PORT, "604",

settings The setting that will be configured with a new hop.