Represents current XmlRpc status operation.

XML_RPC_UNKNOWN_ERROR  Unknown error while performing XML-RPC operations.

This error code is used to signal bad parameters situation and wrong environment conditions that don't fall into the other categories.

XML_RPC_OK  The XmlRpc operation have finished properly.
XML_RPC_FAIL  The XmlRpc operation have failed.
XML_RPC_CHANNEL_NOT_READY  An invocation over a channel that is not in the boot status was performed.
XML_RPC_NOT_XML_RPC_CHANNEL  An invocation has been detected over a channel that is not running the XML-RPC profile.
XML_RPC_WAITING_PREVIOUS  An XML-RPC invocation was detected over a channel that is actually waiting for a previous invocation.
XML_RPC_INVOCATION_FAILURE  An error have happened while sending the XML-RPC request message.
XML_RPC_TIMEOUT_ERROR  Invocation timeout, timeout have been reached while waiting for method response.
XML_RPC_BAD_REPLY_RECEIVED  This error is generated once a XML-RPC was performed but the reply received is badly formated, or it doesn't follow the standard.
XML_RPC_FAULT_REPLY  Error generated by the <fault> reply supported by the XML-RPC invocation.

This error means that the invocation request was properly sent, and a reply was properly received, but containing a negative reply, which contains an struct with two fields: an error reply (the faultCode) and an an error string (the faultString).