void vortex_xml_rpc_method_call_add_value ( XmlRpcMethodCall method_call,
XmlRpcMethodValue value 

Allows to add the given XmlRpcMethodValue in the next parameter position available.

This function allows to add created XmlRpcMethodValue into the given XmlRpcMethodCall following the position of the call ordering.

Here is an example where a method with two parameters is created and then these two parameter values are added sequentially:

 XmlRpcMethodCall  * method_call;
 XmlRpcMethodValue * value;
 // create a method call object setting that it will have only 1 
 // parameter.
 method_call = method_call_new ("examples.getStateName", 1);

 // create the value and add it
 value       = method_value_new (XML_RPC_INT_VALUE, 

 // add the value into the invocator object
 method_call_add_value (method_call, value);

 // create the next value
 value      = method_value_new (XML_RPC_STRING_VALUE, "test");

 // add the value into the invocation object
 method_call_add_value (method_call, value);

As we have observed from the example, the parameters are added as they are created, then this function keeps tracking about the position where the next element added should be stored. Moreover, the function checks you don't add more parameters than the value configured while creating the XmlRpcMethodCall object, at method_call_new.

The function will fail if some of the parameters received are NULL or the caller is trying to add more parameter than the XmlRpcMethodCall could accept. The function will not perform any copy from data received.

method_call The XmlRpcMethodCall object where the value will be added.
value The XmlRpcMethodValue to be added.