#define CREATE_OK_REPLY ( type,
value   )     vortex_xml_rpc_method_response_create (type, value);

Helper function to create positive XmlRpcMethodResponse objects by providing a reference to the XmlRpcMethodValue.

Because an XmlRpcMethodResponse could contain a positive or a negative reply, this macro definition is provided to allow creating positive replies that only needs to be defined the XmlRpcMethodValue to be replied.

Here is an example:

 XmlRpcMethodValue    * value;
 XmlRpcMethodResponse * response;
 // create a positive reply using direct API (supposing we receive 
 // an XmlRpcMethodValue reference.
 value    = method_value_new (XML_RPC_INT_VALUE, INT_TO_PTR(1));
 response = method_response_new (XML_RPC_OK, -1, NULL, value);
 // but you can write previous code as follows

See also CREATE_FAULT_REPLY to create a new XmlRpcMethodResponse but containing a negative reply.

type The XmlRpcMethodValue type to be used while creating the XmlRpcMethodResponse reply.
value The XmlRpcMethodValue instance to be used for the XmlRpcMethodResponse to be created.
A newly created XmlRpcMethodResponse