void vortex_xml_rpc_struct_add_member ( XmlRpcStruct _struct,
XmlRpcStructMember member 

Adds a XmlRpcMethodValue created to the provided XmlRpcStruct instance as a new member.

Because an struct (XmlRpcStruct) is only a container for named values (XmlRpcStructMember) called members, this function allows to add more values.

Keep in mind that the value is added on the next free position, but this is not important since the XML-RPC standard states that there is no order inside a struct, that is, two structs are equivalent if the have the same members no matter how they are ordered.

The function will also check if the member added could be supported by the struct. The struct, at time creation (vortex_xml_rpc_struct_new), is configured to have a particular number of members.

_struct The struct (XmlRpcStruct) where the member (XmlRpcStructMember) will be added.
member The member to be added.