axl_bool vortex_xml_rpc_is_enabled ( void   ) 

Allows to get current Vortex Library XML-RPC built-in support.

Because XML-RPC profile support could be disabled from be built, this function allows to get current supporting status for the Vortex Library.

Any source code built on top of this API (to get access to XML-RPC features) should call to this function first to ensure the Vortex Library was built with XML-RPC support:

 // check for XML-RPC profile support
 if (!vortex_xml_rpc_is_enabled ()) {
     printf ("Current vortex library doesn't support XML-RPC\n");

 // perform XML-RPC operations.

axl_true when the library have built-in XML-RPC support, otherwise axl_false is returned.