axl_bool vortex_init_ctx ( VortexCtx ctx  ) 

Context based vortex library init.

Allows to init the vortex library status on the provided context object (VortexCtx).

To init vortex library use:

 VortexCtx * ctx;
 // create an empty context 
 ctx = vortex_ctx_new ();

 // init the context
 if (! vortex_init_ctx (ctx)) {
      printf ("failed to init the library..\n");

 // do API calls before this function 
 // terminate the context 
 vortex_exit_exit (ctx);

 // release the context 
 vortex_ctx_free (ctx);

ctx An already created context where the library initialization will take place.
axl_true if the context was initialized, otherwise axl_false is returned.