How does GMOVIL work?
GMOVIL is a distribuited system based on Af-Arch technology. Af-Arch is a framework to develop applications whose components can be distribuited across a computer interconnected network.

Thus, GMOVIL is able to have running several client applications on different computers, no matter if they are Microsoft Windows platforms or GNU/Linux ones. Application data is stored on a central server running GNU/Linux.

This technology will enable GMOVIL to interconnect on real time systems that are physically separated from each other making it posible to query stock or tracking commissions on remote systems, etc.

User interface have been developed using the graphical toolkit called GTK over the platform Microsoft .NET. Currently, Advanced Software Production Line, S.L. makes use of the well-known runtime platform, developed and maintained by Novell and contributors, called Mono.

Communication system, based on a XML-RPC message exchange concept, is supported by the "BEEP Core protocol". "Vortex Library" is the library currently supporting Af-Arch as its data transport layer.

All this elements make GMOVIL an attractive system for end users, with a great capacity for adapting to future changes and planned improvements.

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Technology used: