Wellcome: GMOVIL is a complete tool to manage common process across Vodafone sale points. GMOVIL has been designed to be executed and be accessed by several users at the same time from different computers. This allows to real-time information sharing related to available stock, models, system configuration, commissions, etc. Some GMOVIL features are:
  • Distribuited system where several users can perform common tasks such as: COTO operations, stock management, etc, from different workstations.
  • It is easy to use and it has an intuitive user interface which allows you to get access quickly to each feature of GMOVIL.
  • Read more about GMOVIL features
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2005-09-15 GMOVIL v1.0 revision 527 is out!

Advanced Software Production Line announces GMOVIL 1.0 revision 527. This new release includes several improvements. You fill find videos and screenshots on this section.

2005-07-12 GMOVIL v1.0 demonstration videos

You will find some videos about GMOVIL performing some tasks on screenshots section.

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How does GMOVIL work? GMOVIL is based on a distribuited software technology which enables its users to perform tasks over the system at the same time, sharing information such as, terminals prices, models, stock available, etc.
Currently, GMOVIL is avaible for Microsoft Windows platform and GNU/Linux platform.
A central server running GNU/Linux controls users and groups access permission and manage GMOVIL data. Know more about GMOVIL
Ask for a demonstration: Contact Advanced Software Production Line for a demonstration, without any compromise, on the following telephone numbers:

    Tlf: (+34) 91 669 55 32
    Tlf: (+34) 91 231 44 50
You can also ask for the demostration by e-mail: