2005-09-15 GMOVIL v1.0 revision 527 is out!

Advanced Software Production Line announces GMOVIL 1.0 revision 527.This new release includes several improvements:

  • User interface improvements:
    Common user actions have been moved to a more confortable position. Now, GMOVIL enables user to search for especific fields. Data lists have been improved to be showed step by step.

  • Application performance:
    This revision has been focused on the application performance to obtain operations done faster.

  • Status notifiers: Now GMOVIL notifies user through a status bar, pretty much like browses' status bar, giving a more reliable behaviour.

  • Videos and screenshots: There are some screenshots and videos on the following section.

2005-07-12 GMOVIL v1.0 demonstration videos

You will find some videos about GMOVIL performing some tasks on screenshots section.

2005-07-07 GMOVIL v1.0 is out

Get the advantages of GMOVIL, a new product especially designed for your sale point.