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Firefox browser configuration

NOTE: the following remains available for historical purposes, however, it is highly recommended to use other available mappings (like JavaSocketConnector), which are more generic and requires less (or none) user configuration.

Firefox jsVortex support uses mozilla sockets API provided by several interfaces that are restricted for security reasons. Thus, you have to enable firefox to ask the user to accept those components to be used. This is done following the next steps:

  1. Type in your firefox brower the following url: about:config and accept the warning to enter inside firefox user configuration.
  2. Now search for "signed" keyword and double click on "signed.applets.codebase_principal_support" to leave it as true.
  3. Now the first time that the user access to a jsVortex enabled page will be asked to allow accessing to priviledge API. This dialog must be accepted, setting "rembember this decision for this site".
  4. firefox-ask-user-permission-en

Advanced configuration

Enabling signed.applets.codebase_principal_support is problematic because may enable other sites to ask for permission that may be granted by unwary users. The following are the steps to keep permissions granted having disabled signed.applets.codebase_principal_support:

  1. Once you have granted the site using jsVortex to acquire its permissions to run, you have to edit the file prefs.js located in you profile. See the following document to find your profile location.
  2. Having the brower stopped, search for the lines that have granted permissions to the particular site. They should look like:
    user_pref("capability.principal.codebase.p1.granted", "UniversalXPConnect");
    user_pref("capability.principal.codebase.p1.id", "http://jsvortex-regtest");
    user_pref("capability.principal.codebase.p1.subjectName", "");
  3. Now update them by replacing ".codebase." with ".codebaseTrusted.", leaving them as follow:
    user_pref("capability.principal.codebaseTrusted.p1.granted", "UniversalXPConnect");
    user_pref("capability.principal.codebaseTrusted.p1.id", "http://jsvortex-regtest");
    user_pref("capability.principal.codebaseTrusted.p1.subjectName", "");
  4. Now you can safely disable signed.applets.codebase_principal_support as described in previous section.

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