void myqtt_conn_opts_set_init_session_setup_ptr ( MyQttConnOpts opts,
MyQttInitSessionSetupPtr  init_session_setup_ptr,
axlPointer  user_data,
axlPointer  user_data2,
axlPointer  user_data3 

Allows to configure a session setup ptr init function used by the session setup handler to implement reconnect operations.

For MQTT and MQTT-TLS protocols this function is not required. However, for MQTT-WS, it is required additional information to init the session, and in particular, it is required a function that allows to restore the noPollConn reference used by the MyQttSessionSetup handler.

If you don't provide these session init function, myqtt-web-socket module will disable the reconnect option if requested the user.

Please note that this function is not required if you are not attempting to implement reconnect support on connection close.

The handler here configured (the init_session_setup_ptr) is called just before calling session setup to refresh internal pointer passed in into the MyQttSessionSetup so session setup receives a newly created object.

optsThe connection options to configure.
init_session_setup_ptrRecover handler to call to refresh/regenerate user land pointer passed in into the session setup.
user_dataUser defined pointer passed in into the recover handler.
user_data2Second user defined pointer passed in into the recover handler.
user_data3Third user defined pointer passed in into the recover handler.