axl_bool myqtt_conn_unsub ( MyQttConn conn,
const char *  topic_filter,
int  wait_unsub 

Allows to unsubscribe the given particular topic filter on the provided connection.

connThe connection where the unsubscribe operation will take place.
topic_filterThe topic filter to unsubscribe (that was subscribed previously using myqtt_conn_pub).
wait_unsubWait for unsubscribe reply blocking the caller until that happens. If 0 is provided no wait is performed. If some value is provided that will be the max amount of time, in seconds, to wait for unsubscribe reply.
The function reports axl_true in the case the unsubscribe request was completed without any error. In the case of a connection failure, unsubscribe timeout, the function will report axl_false. The function also reports axl_false in the case conn and any topic_filter provided is NULL.

References msg, myqtt_conn_is_ok(), myqtt_msg_get_type_str(), myqtt_msg_unref(), MYQTT_QOS_0, MYQTT_UNSUBACK, and MYQTT_UNSUBSCRIBE.