axl_bool myqtt_conn_remove_on_close ( MyQttConn connection,
MyQttConnOnClose  on_close_handler,
axlPointer  data 

Allows to uninstall a particular handler installed to get notifications about the connection close.

If the handler is found, it will be uninstalled and the data associated to the handler will be returned.

connectionThe connection where the uninstall operation will be performed.
on_close_handlerThe handler to uninstall.
dataIn order to remove the handler you must provide the same pointer data as provided on handler installation. This is done to avoid removing a handler that was installed twice but with different contexts. Think about a function that install the same handler but with different data. The appropriate handler to uninstall and its associated data can only be matched this way.
axl_true if the function uninstalled the handler otherwise axl_false is returned.

References myqtt_mutex_lock(), and myqtt_mutex_unlock().

Referenced by myqtt_conn_get_next().