void myqtt_conn_send_connect_reply ( MyQttConn conn,
MyQttConnAckTypes  response 

Allows to complete connect operation by sending a particular response.

This function is used in combination with MYQTT_CONNACK_DEFERRED that allows a server side MQTT server to tell the library engine to skip reporting to the connecting client.

This MYQTT_CONNACK_DEFERRED response code is reported at the MyQttOnConnectHandler handler (for example, when configuring the on connect handler at myqtt_ctx_set_on_connect).

connThe connection for which a response will be sent.
responseThe response to send.

References myqtt_conn_ref(), myqtt_conn_shutdown(), myqtt_conn_unref(), MYQTT_CONNACK, MYQTT_CONNACK_ACCEPTED, MYQTT_CONNACK_DEFERRED, MYQTT_CONNACK_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE, myqtt_storage_clear(), myqtt_storage_init(), myqtt_storage_queued_flush(), myqtt_storage_queued_messages(), and myqtt_storage_session_recover().