typedef MyQttConnAckTypes(* MyQttOnConnectHandler)(MyQttCtx *ctx, MyQttConn *conn, axlPointer user_data)

Set of handlers used by the library to delegate to user level if the provided connection should be accepted.

The function must return any of the codes available at MyQttConnAckTypes to report to the library what to do with the connection.

This handler is used by the following functions:


You can use the following function to get various elements associated to the CONNECT method:

This function differs from myqtt_listener_set_on_connection_accepted in the sense that the handler configured in this function is called when CONNECT MQTT package has been received and fully parsed while the handler configured at myqtt_listener_set_on_connection_accepted is called when the connection has been just received (but no protocol negotiation has taken place).

ctxThe context where the operation takes place.
connThe connection where the CONNECT packet was received.
user_dataUser defined pointer passed in into the handler.