typedef axl_bool(* MyQttOnStoreMsg)(MyQttCtx *ctx, MyQttConn *conn, const char *client_identifier, int packet_id, MyQttQos qos, unsigned char *app_msg, int app_msg_size, axlPointer user_data)

Optional handler that is called by the engine to allow or deny storing the provided message.

ctxThe context where the operation is taking place.
connThe connection where the operation is taking place. Keep in mind this connection reference might not be defined because this is an offline store operation.
client_identifierThe client identifier for which the message is being stored.
packet_idThe packet id associated to the message stored.
qosThe QoS for the message stored.
app_msg_sizeThe message size to be stored.
app_msgThe message requested to be stored.
user_dataUser defined pointer.
axl_true to allow message to be stored otherwise, axl_false must be returned to deny it.