axl_bool myqtt_storage_init_offline ( MyQttCtx ctx,
const char *  client_identifier,
MyQttStorage  storage 

Offline storage initialization for the provided client identifier.

See myqtt_storage_init for more information.

ctxThe context where the operation takes place.
client_identifierThe client identifier to initialize storage.
storagePart of the storage to initialize.
If the function is not able to create default storage, the function will fail, otherwise axl_true is returned. The function also returns axl_false in the case client_id is NULL or empty or the context is NULL too.

References FILE_EXISTS, FILE_IS_DIR, myqtt_mkdir(), myqtt_support_build_filename(), and myqtt_support_file_test().

Referenced by myqtt_conn_offline_pub(), myqtt_storage_init(), and myqtt_storage_store_msg_offline().