axlPointer myqtt_storage_store_msg ( MyQttCtx ctx,
MyQttConn conn,
int  packet_id,
MyQttQos  qos,
unsigned char *  app_msg,
int  app_msg_size 

Allows to storage the provided message on the local session storage associated to the provided connection.

ctxThe context where the operation takes place.
connThe connection to select local session storage.
packet_idThe packet id associated to the message.
qosQoS of the message to be stored.
app_msgThe application message to store.
app_msg_sizeThe size of the application message to store.
The function return NULL on failure and a handler that points to the message stored.

References MYQTT_QOS_SKIP_STOREAGE_NOTIFY, and myqtt_storage_store_msg_offline().

Referenced by myqtt_conn_pub().