void myqtt_support_add_search_path_ref ( MyQttCtx ctx,
char *  path 

Adds a new path to be used while looking for files without making a local copy.

This function works like myqtt_support_add_search_path without making a local copy. This function is useful when it is needed to add an already allocated lookup path.

String provided as a path must be allocated using either axl_new or axl_stream_* family of functions. Alternatively, you can use any allocation function that uses calloc/malloc to allocate the memory used by the string provided.

If a static path is needed to be added myqtt_support_add_search_path should be used.

ctxThe context where the operation will be performed.
pathA new path to be added. Provided path reference mustn't be deallocated.

References myqtt_support_add_domain_search_path_ref(), and myqtt_support_check_search_path().

Referenced by myqtt_init_ctx().