typedef axl_bool(* MyQttTlsPostCheck)(MyQttConn *conn, axlPointer user_data, axlPointer ssl, axlPointer ctx)

Allows to configure a post-condition function to be executed to perform additional checkings.

This handler is used by:

The function must return axl_true to signal that checkings was passed, otherwise axl_false must be returned. In such case, the connection will be dropped.

connThe connection that was TLS-fixated and additional checks were configured.
user_dataUser defined data passed to the function, defined at myqtt_tls_set_post_check and myqtt_tls_set_default_post_check.
sslThe SSL object created for the process.
ctxThe SSL_CTX object created for the process.
axl_true to accept the connection, otherwise, axl_false must be returned.