MyQttConn * myqtt_tls_listener_new6 ( MyQttCtx ctx,
const char *  host,
const char *  port,
MyQttConnOpts opts,
MyQttListenerReady  on_ready,
axlPointer  user_data 

Creates a new TCP/IPv6 MyQtt Listener accepting incoming connections on the given host:port configuration running TLS protocol (secure-mqtt).

Take a look to myqtt_listener_new for additional information. This functions provides same features plus IPv6 support.

Important note: you must call to myqtt_storage_set_path to define the path first before creating any listener. This is because creating a listener activates all server side code which among other things includes the storage loading (client subscriptions, offline publishing, etc). In the case direction, once the storage path is loaded it cannot be changed after restarting the particular context used in this operation (MyQttCtx).

ctxThe context where the operation will be performed.
hostThe host to listen on.
portThe port to listen on.
optsOptional connection options to change default behviour.
on_readyA optional callback to get a notification when myqtt listener is ready to accept requests.
user_dataA user defined pointer to be passed in to on_ready handler.
The listener connection created (represented by a MyQttConn reference). You must use myqtt_conn_is_ok to check if the server was started.

See additional notes at myqtt_listener_new

References MYQTT_IPv6.