void myqtt_tls_set_ssl_context_creator ( MyQttCtx ctx,
MyQttSslContextCreator  context_creator,
axlPointer  user_data 

Allows to configure the handler that will be used to let user land code to define OpenSSL SSL_CTX object.

By default, SSL_CTX (SSL Context) object is created by default settings that works for most of the cases. In the case you want to configure particular configurations that should be enabled on the provided SSL_CTX that is going to be used by the client —while connecting— or server —while receiving a connection— then use this function to setup your creator handler.

See MyQttSslContextCreator for more information about this handler.

ctxThe context that will be configured.
context_creatorThe context creator function that will be used by the engine
user_dataA user defined reference passed in into the context_creator handler.