#define QUEUE_PUSH (   queue,
do {\
if (queue == NULL) { \
myqtt_log (MYQTT_LEVEL_CRITICAL, "trying to push data in a null reference queue at: %s:%d", __AXL_FILE__, __AXL_LINE__); \
} else if (data == NULL) {\
myqtt_log (MYQTT_LEVEL_CRITICAL, "trying to push null data in a queue at: %s:%d", __AXL_FILE__, __AXL_LINE__); \
} else { \
axl_bool myqtt_async_queue_push(MyQttAsyncQueue *queue, axlPointer data)
Allows to push data into the queue.
Definition: myqtt-thread.c:977

Helper macro which allows to push data into a particular queue, checking some conditions, which are logged at the particular position if they fail.

queueThe queue to be used to push the new data. This reference can't be null.
dataThe data to be pushed. This data can't be null.

Referenced by myqtt_listener_unlock().