int myqttd_conn_mgr_setup_proxy_on_parent ( MyQttdCtx ctx,
MyQttConn conn 

Setups the necessary configuration to start proxing content of that connection passing all bytes into the returned socket.

ctxThe myqttd context where the operation will take place.
connThe connection that will be proxied.
The socket where all content will be proxied, remaining on the parent process all code to reading and writing the provided socket.

References CONN_CTX, error, msg, myqtt_conn_get_id(), myqtt_conn_get_socket(), myqtt_conn_ref(), myqtt_conn_set_data(), myqtt_conn_set_on_close(), myqtt_support_pipe(), myqttd_loop_create(), and myqttd_loop_watch_descriptor().