axl_bool myqttd_conn_mgr_proxy_on_parent ( MyQttConn conn)

Allows to check if the provided connection has to be proxied on the parent master process in the case it is required to be sent to a child process due to domain configuration.

To flag a connection in such way will create an especial configuration at the parent process to read content over the provided connection and send it to a "representation" running on the child (as opposed to fully send the entire connection to be handled by the child).

This is done to support some especiall cases (especially those where TLS is around) where it is not possible to store the state of a connection and resume it on a child process.

NOTE: This function only flags! it does not actually send the connection to a particular child (that only will happens when the site administrator configures the domain to make it).

connThe connection that is flagged to be proxied on parent.
axl_true in the case the connection was flagged to be proxied on on parent otherwise, axl_false is returned.

NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: in the case you are creating a module that needs to activate this feature, just set the value as follows:

1 // set up proxy configuration
2 myqtt_conn_set_data (conn, "myqttd:proxy:conn", INT_TO_PTR (axl_true));

References myqtt_conn_get_data().