axlList * myqttd_conn_mgr_conn_list ( MyQttdCtx ctx,
MyQttPeerRole  role,
const char *  filter 

Allows to get a list of connections registered on the connection manager, matching the providing role and then filtered by the provided filter string.

ctxThe context where the operation will take place.
roleConnection role to select connections. Use -1 to select all connections registered on the manager, no matter its role.
filterOptional filter expresion to resulting connection list. It can be NULL.
A newly allocated connection list having on each position a reference to a MyQttConn object. The caller must finish the list with axl_list_free to free resources. The function returns NULL if it fails.

References msg, myqtt_conn_get_role(), myqtt_conn_ref(), myqtt_mutex_lock(), and myqtt_mutex_unlock().